How To Make $100 Dollars!!!

If you love Diva you will want to have a store near you to carry our line. Simply click on our card and print them out. Put your name area code and phone number on the back of each card and take to your local retail store which you feel should carry our line, no box stores please. Show the manager owner or buyer one of our products and let them touch feel and see it on you. give them our business card.

When a store phones us to write an order we ask whom referred them. If your info is on the card you will receive the credit. Once the stores order has shipped we will send you a promo code for $100. For merchandise absolutely free! provided the store fulfills the minimum $1000.00 order.  

If you choose to continue  helping  us promote our line, we will sweeten the pot.  After the 3rd store we will make you check status and continue to give you $100. per year every time this store fulfills their fleece fall order of $1000. and this will continue for as long as the store carries our line, hopefully for many years. Great extra cash !!!